Trying to get back into the habit of writing is easier said than done. What to write about in particular is the struggle. Since its the summer, all I really want to do is sleep or binge watch Netflix. Currently I am watching “The Great British Baking Show”. I highly recommend it! I think to help me get back in my groove I want some posts so my lovely readers can get to know me better. Hopefully i’ll keep getting more as time goes on. So check out some things about me!

5 things you must know about me

  1. Food is my Love Language – I am a self proclaimed foodie. I love trying new foods and new restaurants. Plus its always fun to find new places to eat! It has been a personal mission of mine to build up my status on Yelp! with all my check-ins and reviews.
  2. Craft Beer is my jam. Over the last few years I have developed an interest and taste for craft beers and breweries. I regularly spend my weekends trying new beers and enjoying the flavors and learning more about all the types of beers there are!
  3. Wonder Woman isn’t is the only Super Hero I like.  I enjoy reading comics and watching comic book movies. I’m not the most versed in everyones backstory (there are so many story lines and universes!) but I find them so intriguing. Black Panther was such an amazing movie (Shuri rules) and I went to see Wonder Woman BEFORE it actually came out.
  4. Sports Season is the best season. Yes, sports happen all year so you clearly know what I mean. Over the last year I’ve been learning more about Soccer and Hockey so that’s really exciting. But Football is still my favorite. Huge Giants fan since I was a child.
  5. Kissing a lot of frogs to find my husband is NEVER an option. That’s because I’m TERRIFIED of them. The quickest way to send me out of a place is there being a frog present. I developed my fear in high school (in Hawaii) and it has been getting worse as I get older. Yet I live in a state where they love to play!

4 places I would love to visit

  1. Bali – Gorgeous Beach, Amazing Scenery, and that food looks tasty!
  2. Greece – The architecture and that water. OMG. Santorini looks so picturesque.
  3. Mexico – I want to lay on the beach with a drink in my hand and some guacamole.
  4. Dominican Republic – Anyone seeing a pattern?

3 of my Favorites

  1. Favorite Foods: Tacos, Wings, Sushi. In that order
  2. Movie: Clueless. A cult classic and never gets old. As if.
  3. Stores: I live at Old Navy. We are talking at least half of my closet.

2 things that annoy me

  1. People who are late. It’s the military child in me.
  2. Complainers. If you aren’t happy about something. Do what you can to change it.

1 thing I love to do in my free time

  1. Cook: It is always so satisfying to make a good meal. I find it very relaxing which is not usual for most people when they cook. I take the challenge of following a recipe and creating something tasty. I am a foodie after all. But i hate doing the dishes at the end!

Have a great week!


That New New

Welcome Pic1

Now that my 1st year of teaching is under my belt I wanted to bring back something in my life that I can use as self-care; something for me. I have been blogging off and on for about 6 years, but the trouble I have always had is keeping up with my blog when life gets busy. Over the last couple years I’ve moved several times, started new jobs, and even ended and started new relationships. But my blog seemed to be the thing that suffered despite my constant desire to want to document my life and have somewhere to vent.

But I’m back!

B&S is now my place to release, relate, and reveal the many aspects of my life again. This is also another chance for me to find and reconnect with the wonderful community I found so many years ago.  In my middle schools days I would write posts on my Myspace (hope i’m not dating myself) and lots of entries in my LiveJournal (now i’m definitely dating myself). I didn’t hold anything inside. Over time I made friends who commented and read my entries. It was nice to have the opportunity to connect with people who enjoying writing for whatever reason.

Overall I’m just really excited to continue blogging and bring it back into the fold.

Keeping checking back for more!