That New New

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Now that my 1st year of teaching is under my belt I wanted to bring back something in my life that I can use as self-care; something for me. I have been blogging off and on for about 6 years, but the trouble I have always had is keeping up with my blog when life gets busy. Over the last couple years I’ve moved several times, started new jobs, and even ended and started new relationships. But my blog seemed to be the thing that suffered despite my constant desire to want to document my life and have somewhere to vent.

But I’m back!

B&S is now my place to release, relate, and reveal the many aspects of my life again. This is also another chance for me to find and reconnect with the wonderful community I found so many years ago.  In my middle schools days I would write posts on my Myspace (hope i’m not dating myself) and lots of entries in my LiveJournal (now i’m definitely dating myself). I didn’t hold anything inside. Over time I made friends who commented and read my entries. It was nice to have the opportunity to connect with people who enjoying writing for whatever reason.

Overall I’m just really excited to continue blogging and bring it back into the fold.

Keeping checking back for more!



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